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Why is Safety Important in Childcare?

Out of all of the important tasks when running a childcare, keeping children safe should always be the top priority.

It is pivotal that childcare providers value children’s safety and health both inside and outside of their childcare setting. We believe it is important to always be prepared for injuries, illnesses and handling emergencies.

The basic elements of health, safety and nutrition are often overlooked or neglected in many childcare facilities. In our post today we discuss why safety is important in childcare centres.


There are several important aspects to take into consideration when it comes to the safety of your childcare. Creating a clean environment for both children, families and workers helps prevent the spread of illness and infectious diseases.

Having supplies such as lysol wipes, hand sanitiser, water and hydrogen peroxide mixture ensures a safe space in the childcare to prevent the spread of germs both in and out of work.

Safety also extends to other aspects and operations of childcare facilities in the day to day tasks.

Simple things such as the layout of rooms, placement of materials when craft making and the configuration of tables all play a part in creating a safe childcare to help avoid unnecessary mishaps.

From practicing clean classrooms by getting the kids to help clean up after an activity to using sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products - everything plays a part in creating a clean and safe childcare.

First Aid

As we all know, accidents can happen more often than not in childcare facilities. Ensuring that all childcare providers are up to date with first aid and CPR qualifications is a necessity.

Make sure that your kit has no expired supplies and is restocked frequently so that you know the childcare is as safe as it can be.

Be prepared for the accidents it comes with the territory.

Hygiene and Nutrition

Although it may seem as if it is only up to parents to ensure that nutritious meals are served to their children, it is also an important factor for childcares to consider.

During a child’s formative years, the right balance of nutrients for their growth and

development is crucial.

Healthy meal plans can be put into place and customised according to the child's age, taking into account personal allergies and any other nutrition requirements.

Successful childcares who pride themselves on taking care of safety in their centre will aim to exceed these standards.

When it comes to washing after meals, play time or even any time when kids are sniffling, licking and touching things, washing and disinfecting daily helps your childcare to stay as safe as possible and to reduce the risk of preventing germs and disease spreading.

Lastly, when it comes to hygiene, there’s always the correct toilet procedures to take into account to ensure your facility is safe. From speedy and safe nappy changing techniques to effective sanitisation, there are many protocols that need to be in place for a safe childcare.

Are you interested in reading more about the importance of safety in childcare centres?

We’ve got your covered!

If you’d like to find out more information on the importance of safety in childcares or how to ensure your childcare is safe, book a no obligation consultation, email or call to talk with a childcare WHS consultant at the Help2Group today.

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