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Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental health refers to how well a person is in their thinking, managing their emotions, relating to others, and generally meeting the demands of everyday life and employment.

Research has found positive links between the health and wellbeing of employees and productivity and performance. When employees are unwell mentally, it costs businesses through sick leave, presenteeism, and staff turnover.

What is a mentally healthy workplace?

A mentally healthy workplace is one that:

promotes workplace practices that support positive mental health

eliminates and minimises psychological health and safety risks through the identification and assessment of psychosocial hazards

builds the knowledge, skills and capabilities of workers to be resilient and thrive at work

is free of stigma and discrimination

supports the recovery of workers returning after a physical or psychological injury

make improving mental health a key objective

identify and support champions to promote workplace mental health initiatives

Where to start?

This can be overwhelming for some, but we are lucky to have lots of digital resources available to help and guide us through the process of creating a mentally healthy workplace.

Mentally healthy workplaces toolkit -

Guide to a healthy workplace -

Workplace Mental Health Toolkit -

Creating a mentally healthy workplace has so many benefits:

- thriving workers

- increased attraction of top talent

- increased productivity

- decreased absenteeism

- decreased turnover

- job satisfaction

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