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The top ways to celebrate the year with your workforce

As always, this year went by in a flash and it’s been wonderful in so many ways!

At the Help2Group, we’re so grateful to have been able to grow our business and to have worked with some incredible people and childcares such as SDN Milperra, Glebe, Bathurst, and Paddington to name a few.

We’ve been blessed to have helped with training and educating many in the early learning sector so that they can make safe decisions for their educators. We were able to help empower others to make safe choices in their services, created online teaching courses to raise awareness when it came to dealing with infectious disease control and as always promoted talking about mental health in the workplace.

For this reason, at the Help2Group we believe it’s important to celebrate the wins and the year that was with our workforce. At the end of the year, there’s Christmas celebrations galore but it’s also important to show your appreciation for your staff.

Here’s a few ways we encourage all childcare centres and those in the early learning sector to try put into practice to end the year with their workplaces.

  • Have an awards presentation

Celebrate your staff with fun or serious awards to show your appreciation for all the hard work they put into the company. The presentation could also include highlights from the year in photos or videos.

  • Do an activity together

Go out for the day for some mini golf, paintball or a paint and sip. Gather together and come up with some ideas or make the executive decision as a fun team bonding and end of year wrap up.

  • Plan a meal

Food is always a great way to come together to celebrate your year together. From a morning tea, breakfast or dinner somewhere nice - plan a nice meal together with your workforce to end the year with fully bellies and happy hearts.

  • Team Olympics

Another team building idea would be to create some fun and games within your workforce. Think of things you do with kids and get the adults to do it as a competition and it makes for a fun end of year wrap up!

Are you ready to get planning on ending your year with your colleagues and staff in a fun and positive way? As you know, building a happy environment helps productivity increase so why not give it a shot today! If you require assistance with the planning of your centre's events or would like to have a friendly chat, feel free to contact our childcare WHS champion, Karen, on 0423 529 779

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