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NQF Annual Performance Report

The last NQF Annual Performance Report is a great overview of the children’s education and care sector . Some key information for Health and safety:

  • The most challenging elements of quality continue to relate to health practices and procedures, supervision, and incident and emergency management

  • Standard 2.2 (Safety) and 2.1 (Health) are the third and fifth most challenging of all 15 standards of the NQS, with the two standards including three of the most challenging elements of quality: » Health practices and procedures (Element 2.1.2) » Supervision (Element 2.2.1) » Incident and emergency management (Element 2.2.2).

  • The most frequently breached sections and regulations of the National Law and Regulations relate to the protection of children from harm and hazards, supervision of children, emergency and evacuation procedures, and the upkeep of premises, furniture and equipment.

  • In addition to being comparatively challenging to meet, the two standards have the lowest numbers of services rated Exceeding NQS.

  • Of all 40 elements of the NQS, Element 2.1.2 (Health practices and procedures) has the fourth highest number of services assessed as Not Met, with Element 2.2.1 (Supervision) having the fifth highest, and Element 2.2.2 (Incident and emergency management) having the ninth highest.

  • the two sections of the National Law that continue to be the most frequently breached: • Section 167 and Section 165

  • two regulations of the National Regulations continue to be the most frequently breached: • Regulation 97 – emergency and evacuation procedures and Regulation 103 – premises, furniture and equipment to be safe, clean and in good repair.

If you would like to read the full report, please visit:

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