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5 Ways to Introduce Sustainability into your Childcare

From an early age children are curious about the environment and the natural world around them. During the first few years of their lives they develop an understanding of the importance of helping the environment in order to essentially “save the world”. It’s important to teach them these fundamentals in order for them to be sustainable and responsible adults later on in life.

Want to know the top ways to introduce sustainability into your childcare? Read on to find out how you can help make a difference!

If you’ve read one of our previous blog posts that touched on National Quality Standards in education then you’ll know that this is a pivotal component of encouraging growth and change in children from an early age. This is evident in Quality 3 of the National Quality Standards that aims to educate and support children to be environmentally responsible.

It’s never too late or too early (in the case of childcare) to teach children about the environment and ways to help out. All children will benefit from the opportunities to learn, connect and experience nature and safe practices.

By having a sustainable early learning service you are providing children and their families a brighter future and it’s easier than you think!

The team at the Help2Group have come up with a few ways you can help teach children about sustainability:

  1. Read books with environmental themes to help bond with them whilst educating them about climate change, living sustainably and other topical subjects in a child friendly manner.

  2. Plant a veggie patch or use worm farms and compost bins to reduce waste and encourage sustainable living.

  3. Start using green products in childcares. At the Help2Group, we offer a range of environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe and healthy for adults and children and use concentrated products to help save on carbon and lower delivery expenses. Eight of our products in the range have also been accredited under the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA)!

  4. Make recycling part of the everyday practice at your centre. Kids will love to get involved whilst also learning something new! Embed the reduce, recycle and reuse concept and it’s something they can take home to their families too.

  5. On that note, why not try to include these sustainable and environmental practices in your curriculum? Parents can also be given information or activities to practice at home with their kids so they can learn other ways to be sustainable at home.

Are you interested in finding out more about introducing sustainability into your centre? We’ve got you covered!

If you’d like to find out more information on the importance of sustainability in childcares, book a no obligation consultation, email or call to talk with a childcare WHS consultant at the Help2Group today.

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