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Designed especially for the Childcare Sector, our childcare health and safety quality improvement plan ensures that your centre is prepared with the appropriate policies and procedures to optimise your communities Health & Safety.

The Help2Group’s Childcare health and safety quality improvement plan optimises your centres overall Health and Safety through an extensive and specialised centre overview which covers areas concerning health and safety related both to National Regulations and the National Quality Framework, as well as state related Work Health and Safety Regulations Acts, and all relevant Codes of Practice for the sector.

Our Childcare health and safety quality improvement plan can be referenced as part of the service QIP (Quality Improvement Plan) as it covers areas from Quality Area 2 (Children's Health and Safety), Quality Area 3 (Physical Environment), and Quality Area 7 (Governance and Leadership).

The Childcare health and safety quality improvement plan is completed onsite at your service’s availability and around your centre’s hours of operation. Once completed, the Help2Group will supply you with a detailed report outlining your centres Health & Safety strength and weaknesses. Also supplied is a proactive action plan for your educator team to implement at your service, as well as templates for relevant missing policies and procedures to help your centre achieve the action plan, where needed.

This service is available across each state in Australia.


Health and Safety Overview

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