Our WHS consultants can help you build a safe and compliant workplace

At the Help2Group, our first and foremost objective is ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of the children and educators who attend or work at a service. Our WHS consultants aid in promoting a safe culture and improving on existing policies and procedures through our initial consultation.


Are you looking for a WHS consultant to give an overview of your childcare centre?

Making health and safety a priority has so many social and financial benefits to a business. Our WHS consultants aim to provide these benefits:

  • A more engaged and productive team, helping you attract and keep great early childhood educators and teachers

  • Lower recruitment and onboarding costs

  • ·Greater productivity

  • Higher performance

  • Lower absenteeism rates

  • Less workplace injury and workers' compensation claims

  • Faster return to work

  • Lower worker's compensation premiums

This service is available across each state in Australia.

If you’re interested in getting in contact with our WHS consultants book an obligation free consultation, call 0423  529 779 or e-mail us with any additional questions or to book an appointment.

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Do you have some questions about what a work health and safety consultant is, does and will do for your business? Here’s some frequently asked questions to help you understand a little more about what they do and how they can help you.


What is a WHS Consultant?

A WHS Consultant is a professional that is specifically trained when it comes to health and safety matters in the workplace. Our WHS consultants have experience, knowledge and expertise to be able to adequately provide advice on how to improve the overall health and safety of a workplace.

What Does a Health and Safety Consultant Do?

From training employees to ensure proper safety practices are in place to adding extra equipment to your facilities, a WHS consultant helps every workplace differently. Health and safety consultants should aim to customise a plan specifically for every client in order for them to achieve and accomplish their goals.

Many work health and safety consultants have responsibilities such as making leaders aware of health and safety standards, inspect workplaces for health and safety issues, provide recommendations, create a safe work environment, improve client and employee confidence and much more.


What Might You Use OHS / WHS Consultants For?

You may need a consultation or some advice from a WHS or OHS expert to help your business achieve compliance with legislation and to improve the health and safety of their workplace and workers. After a consultation with a work health and safety consultant, a plan can then be put into place so that your concerns are taken seriously.


What Can a Work Health and Safety Consultants Do For You?

Work health and safety consultants can raise more awareness to issues in your workplace that you may not have noticed before. With the additional bonus of having the commitment of a WHS worker to actively ensure that the health and safety decisions are put into place correctly as well as properly understanding the decisions put into practice. Work Health and Safety Consultants help to ensure positive working relationships too and helps understand the views of others which leads to greater co-operation and trust.


*Disclaimer: this advice provided is general in nature and may not take into account all local and industry regulatory requirements for child care and early learning health and safety.